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Visitor & Tour Information

The U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) provides tours to researchers, academia, and military professionals interested in the research conducted at the laboratory. Tours highlighting USAARL's mission and overall research program to include capabilities and facilities generally lasts up to two hours. However, detailed tours centered on specific program areas may last up to four hours.

Requesting a Tour

To receive more information about USAARL tours or to request a tour, contact the USAARL Tour Coordinator at

Download Tour Request Form
Fillable Tour Request Form (PDF - 126KB) Adobe PDF

When requesting a tour, please provide to the Tour Coordinator, at least six weeks prior to the requested tour date, the organization name, proposed date and time, number of attendees, the names of foreign visitors, and a detailed reason for the visit to include specific research areas of interest. If approved, the Tour Coordinator will contact the requestor to further coordinate the visit. Requests for modification to or cancellation of a tour must be submitted in writing by the requestor.

Please be advised that foreign or international visitors must receive additional clearance through the USAARL Security Office. Therefore, allow additional time to process foreign visitor requests.

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Last Modified Date: 2023-04-06