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Strategic Focus

The USAARL strategic focus is the optimization of aviator/Soldier performance, protection, safety, and casualty care in the multi-domain operational environment. USAARL provides research-based products and recommendations in support of multiple cross-functional teams, including Future Vertical Lift and Soldier Lethality, as well as to program managers within the acquisition community.

Optimizing aviator/Soldier performance includes conducting research to update individual aviator/Soldier medical standards, develop pharmacological and other methods of improving and/or maintaining aviator/Soldier performance in stressful environments, and investigate means to achieve scalable autonomy capability.

Optimizing aviator/Soldier protection and safety includes conducting research to update design standards for aircrew seats for improved crashworthiness, establish design standards for helmet mounted devices to mitigate chronic and acute neck injuries, and investigate methods of improving head and face protection during an aircraft mishap.

Optimizing casualty care includes both research and testing efforts. Research efforts include updating patient litter crash retention designs, establishing design recommendations for patient transport systems, and investigating methods to maintain medical provider performance under stressful conditions. As the Army's primary test organization for the collection of airworthiness data related to patient care systems, USAARL also conducts tests of patient handling systems, hoists, litters, and patient care equipment in support of current and future operational requirements. For more detailed information related to the research conducted at USAARL, see the individual research group pages or contact us for more information.

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Last Modified Date: 2021-04-16