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Research Platforms

Laboratories & Simulators

HH-60M Black Hawk Helicopter

HH-60M Black Hawk Helicopter

USAARL's JUH-60A was retired in April of this year and replaced with a fully equipped HH-60M. This helicopter instrumented with in- flight measurement systems to monitor and record in real time aviator physiological and cognitive status, flight performance, and aircraft performance.
Engagement Skills

Engagement Skills Trainer

The Engagement Skills Trainer, a fully instrumented, simulated small arms range, is used to conduct research on performance of static and dynamic marksmanship under various operational stressors.
Precision Air Rifle Range

Precision Air Rifle Range

The Precision Air Rifle Range is a four lane, ten-meter, air rifle range equipped with Olympic-quality air rifles and precision automatic target scoring systems
Multi-Axis Ride

Man-Rated Multi-Axis Ride Simulator (MARS)

MARS reproduces the ride of virtually any tracked/wheeled vehicle or aircraft. The simulator is linked with multichannel physiological monitoring, biomechanical measurement, and human performance assessment systems used to assess response in the supine position and studying the effects of head-supported mass on Soldier performance.
Night Vision Laboratories

Electro-Optics and Night Vision Laboratories

The Electro-Optics and Night Vision laboratories are equipped with photometric and radiometric test instrumentation with light measurements traceable to national standards. Advanced display systems can be fully characterized with complete image quality and optical aberration descriptions.
NUH-60FS Black Hawk Helicopter

NUH-60FS Black Hawk Flight Simulator

USAARL's NUH-60FS is the world's only full-motion, full-visual aeromedical research flight simulator. In April 2020, the system will receive visual and performance upgrades through the installation of an RSi CV10R dome and eight Barco FS40 projectors. Capabilities include interchangeable cockpit configurations and the ability to load new symbology sets.
Hypoxia Laboratory

Hypoxia Laboratory

The Hypoxia Laboratory is a versatile facility for evaluating the sensory, cognitive, and performance effects of aviation-related hypoxia. The use of normobaric hypoxia permits seamless integration with USAARL flight simulators.
Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Flight Simulator

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)Flight Simulator

Grey Eagle/ Shadow UAS simulator for advanced research in man/unmanned teaming, operator workload assessment, and operator state monitoring.
Virtual Reality Lab

Virtual Reality Laboratory

The Virtual Reality laboratory provides an engaging three- dimensional space to assess performance of volunteers in an immersive and operationally relevant mission environment.
UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter cockpit

UH-60M Glass Cockpit Flight Simulator

USAARL's UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter cockpit simulator allows for the evaluation of workload in a digital glass cockpit platform. The device will also facilitate the evaluation of aviator performance in reduced oxygen environments simulating high-alititude flight.

Research & Testing Capabilities

Aeromedical Equipment

Aeromedical Equipment Test & Evaluation

Aeromedical Equipment testing capabilities consist of electromagnetic interference, altitude, environmentally controlled, and blowing sand/dust/rain chambers; vibration; and acceleration/crash tests equipment retention.
Acoustics testing

Acoustics and Vestibular Research

The Acoustics and Vestibular Research capabalities include anechoic and reverberation chambers, an audiometric research facility, an ANSI standard real-ear attenuation measurement room, and a neuro-otologic rotary chair.
Helmet Impact

Helmet Impact and Retention Testing

Helmet Impact and Retention Testing capabilities include a monorail impact tower, free-fall impact tower, mass properties instrument, Tinius Olsen quasi-static test machine, Instron quasi-static materials tester, two MTS dynamic material testers, multiple high-speed camera systems, and a dynamic mini-sled system.
Biodynamics Research

Biodynamics Research

Biodynamics Research capabilities include 42-foot vertical acceleration tower, an 18-inch diameter shock tube with 42- and 66- inch diameter expansion cones, and projectile launchers used for studies focused on occupant survivability, injury mitigation, human injury tolerance, and protection criteria using both mechanical and biological surrogates. Medical research support includes digital X-ray, CT scanner, specimen prep, and post-test assessment, along with specimen storage facilities.
En Route Care Research

En Route Care Research

En Route Care Research capabilities include a ground ambulance medical interior simulator, multiple hi-tech medical simulation manikins designed mimic injured patients, a custom-built vibration manikin designed to replicate the biodynamic response of a supine human during vibration, and portable digital data acquisition equipment for collecting environmental factors.
Sleep Research

Sleep/Fatigue Research

Sleep/Fatigue Research capabilities include two fully-instrumented sleep rooms (with surge capability to four) a living/recreation area, a full kitchen, a dining area, and allow subjects to live at the Laboratory for long-duration research studies assessing fatigue, pharmaceuticals, circadian rhythms,etc.
Vision Research

Vision Research

Vision Research capabilities include a psychophysics laboratory, color vision laboratory, electro-physiology suite, corneal physiology laboratory, highly specialized vision and clinical test instrumentation, and an optical fabrication shop.
Fabrication Workshop

Prototyping and Fabrication Workshop

USAARL's prototyping and fabrication workshop brings researchers' ideas to reality with use of a full machine shop. Capabilities of the workshop include computer numerical controlled and manual machines, wood shop (wood, composites), welding shop (tungsten inert gas, metal inert gas, stick), electronics shop, laser cutting/engraving, plasma cutting, metal casting (investment, lost wax), urethane molding/casting, 3D scanning, 3D printing (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Polylactic Acid, and Tough PLA), computer-aided drafting and design tools, and raw materials supplies.


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Last Modified Date: 2021-04-20