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Enroute Care Group

USAARL's Enroute Care Group (ECG) works to determine the effectiveness and usefulness of medical equipment in flight and has the capability of providing airworthiness certification for equipment deemed safe to use in military aircraft. ECG performs airworthiness testing for the Army among other services by assessing battery life, electrical safety, vibration effects, climatic (temperature and humidity) effects, low pressure (altitude) effects, blowing sand, dust, rain, and electromagnetic interference susceptibility of equipment to be used in flight.

Alem hall
Patient loaded on Helicopter

ECG also works to protect patients during medical evacuation transport by studying the effects of the transport environment, reduction of vehicle vibration, improvement of immobilization techniques, and testing novel technologies for medical evacuation applications. The group also examines ways to increase medical provider performance by studying provider work load, task saturation, enhanced patient awareness, occupational injury prevention, and medical interior design enhancements. ECG partners with other Army organizations to explore autonomous patient care and transport of patients on non-traditional platforms, such as unmanned aircraft/ground systems.

VRS testing helicopter
VRS testing transport

Specific facilities and capabilities include:

  • Altitude chamber
  • Blowing rain chamber
  • Hydraulic crash apparatus
  • Manual crash apparatus
  • Electromagnetic interference chamber
  • Environmental climatic chamber
  • Vibration table
  • Settling dust chamber
Helicopter take off
ECG test

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Last Modified Date: 2023-10-16