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About the Emblem


According to lore, the USAARL emblem was created in the early 1960s to establish the newly created USAARU's identity. The distinctive unit insignia was designed by several researchers and a graphic artist.

The staff entwined with the one serpent, originating in mythology, is symbolic of medicine, healing, and life-giving powers. Maroon (sanguine) and argent (silver or white) are the colors used by all Army medical organizations. The Army symbol, a star, is depicted by the letter "A" and the silver flight surgeon wings, which symbolizes flight and aviation medicine. Gold and black are colors associated with Army Aviation.

The sciences studied at the Laboratory are represented by the Greek letter "sigma," symbolizing science and mathematics, and the Greek letter "psi," symbolizing physics, psychology, and psychiatry.

The gender symbol, although not standard as drawn, represents both male and female contributions to science.

The symbol for infinity represents USAARL's never-ending commitment, through research, to preserve and enhance the health, safety, combat effectiveness, and survivability of the Soldier.

The surrounding ribbon stands for honor.

U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory logo

USAARL Logo Modernization

In November of 2019 the USAARL logo was modified to streamline and modernize the laboratory's identity with the move to Army Futures Command.

The modified "Delta" symbol is from the Greek Alphabet and is an iconic symbol for direction, with the tip of the spear always pointing to the sky. Combined with U.S. Army flight surgeon wings, the logo gives homage to the 5-pointed star that represents the United States Army.

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Last Modified Date: 2021-04-15